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5 Great Places of Affordable Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions


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I have seen a lot of friends asking for help with where to find affordable human hair dreadlock extensions. Dreadlock extensions are a great way to add length, and color to your locs. However, not all human hair locs are created equal.

You want to make sure that the human hair locs you purchase are top quality so that they last long and don’t damage your own natural locks. Locs are a popular hairstyle worn by more and more. However, human hair locs can be very expensive and difficult to distinguish. You should make sure you’re purchasing the right kind of locs so that they could last longer even forever and won’t damage your own natural locs.


How To Choose Affordable Human Hair Extensions?

Real hair, synthetic hair, or wool?

The world of loc extensions is vast and overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, how can you find the perfect one for you? It’s important to do your research beforehand and consider these factors before deciding on a hair extension company. The price, quality, company reputation, and reviews are all important aspects that should be explored before making a final decision.

I don’t suggest synthetic hair if you want permanent loc extensions

Synthetic hair is not the same as human hair. Synthetic hair is not genuine hair. It lacks cuticle layers and does not form or maintain bonds with us. You might not feel the connection with your hair. Synthetic dreads are usually easy to spot even in a distance. Synthetic hair might help you if you wanted to try adding something different color that you can take out that won’t ruin your natural dreads. But full head synthetic loc can’t last long, they have to be removed during 1-3 years.

Human hair is the best type of hair extensions to go for when creating your human hair loc extensions. Although you can use synthetic extensions, human hair is the best choice as it’s softer, easier to maintain, and will stay tight and neat for longer. It’s a bit of an investment but the look is so cool! Human hair dreads locs are the same as your grown hair. They can be in your head forever if you treat them as your own hair with good care.

Unlike human hair, you don’t need to backcomb or crochet wool into loc extensions. Wool is easy to shape – the process is to simply dip it in some hot soapy water and then roll it up with your hands. The wool becomes more malleable when wet, which allows you to form it with your hands as you wish.

Place the wool into the cup and clip it in. You’ll notice it’s different than hair because it does not tangle.

After installation, your wool extension may feel itching in your hair. If you experience this you can always wash them in soap, water or shampoo. It can take a couple of days for the wool to feel comfortable since it might be pulling on your scalp. But after a few days, it will loosen up and should stop bothering you

Wool dreadlocks is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most straightforward dreadlocks extensions to install into your hair. But wool is not “hair“.

Creating Method:

There are lots of methods when it comes to creating dreadlocks, palm rolling, crocheting, interlocking…

Further, making human hair dreadlocks is very time-consuming and sometimes painful, especially with crocheting.

The method should depend on your natural hair or the style you want. Do your research before getting them.

If you have no idea what to do with your hair and have dreadlocks, then this article will be useful for you. It outlines all the variations of their style and care, as well as tips for those who are unfamiliar with them. You can research the type you are interested in to make sure that it suits your personal needs.

5 places to Find Affordable Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

I advise you could purchase your loc extensions separately, this will save you some money.

Hair is a part of one’s identity. It is also an important aspect of fashion. The online hair industry has grown exponentially in the past few years with many new companies emerging on the market using various methods, quality, and prices to offer their services. I will suggest some online brands or platforms for your reference, just make sure to do your research on the hair resources, method, price, quality, company reputation, and reviews.

You need to make sure that the reviews of their product are positive and that there is a type of hair that suits your needs. You don’t just buy the loc extensions from a random person because there are people out there who mix synthetic hair into loc extensions and you only find that out later.

The three platforms are the following:

  1. – I recommend this option because amazon has cheaper options than other platforms and there are reviews from other girls who had their loc extensions. You should check the reviews while comparing sellers. Just be alert to some fake reviews.
  2. is a global online marketplace with over one million sellers. Loc extensions as popular handmade products are also listed on Etsy. There are also a lot’s reviews for your reference, only thing is that a bit of trouble to contact sellers online instantly.
  3. is a site that helps new clients search, discover new styles, and book beauty and barber professionals. You could book locticians and check their review, learn about the price of getting dreadlock-related services.

Some brands that do loc extensions online retail:

  1. Black-owned, women-owned business, that offers not only loc extensions but more organic loc care products for moms and kids. The company was founded by a mother who grew up in locs and found it difficult to find healthy and nutritious locs products at affordable prices.
  2. Factory-owned online loc extensions store, committed to offering 100% handmade affordable human hair dreadlock extensions with high quality at reasonable prices. Besides online-retailer, loxlocs also supplying for some areas of salons, locticians, and hair brands.

I hope this blog helps you with where to find affordable human hair dreadlock extensions. I know that there are tons of places on the internet. It is always a challenging task to find the right one for you. Feel free to share your thoughts on how to find affordable human hair dreadlock extensions with us.

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