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Benefits of Loc Extensions That You Might Not Know

permanent loc extensions

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There is a lot of discussion about whether to get loc extensions, here are some benefits of getting permanent loc extensions that you might not know about, hope this blog helps you know more about them to do your decisions.

permanent loc extensions

-1. Get instant length for your loc with loc extensions

The most obvious reason people get extensions is to have instant length. You can have your hair down to your knees with loc extensions if you want, and this is the only way to achieve it besides growing it out yourself.

Hair is an important part of our identity. It’s the first thing we notice in others, and it can’t be unseen once we’ve seen it.

Locs are beautiful, but they can be time-consuming to grow. Let’s say you have two or three inches of hair now. And your hair goal is to let the loc get down to your chest. The average time to grow locs down your back is 3-5 years, which can seem like a long time. But it doesn’t need to be that way! With the permanent loc extensions, you’ll have the length in no time.

With longer-length locs, the possibilities of hairstyles you can have are endless. If you’re going for a low-maintenance style, you can just keep the natural look of dreads. But also you are also able to get a high bun or two buns or any other great look. That’s where loc extensions can really help.

-2. Get the mature look of dreads with loc extensions

The instant loc extensions you get will directly look like the mature lock. Of course, the loc extension look will depend on the Install process you had, it might go through its own locking process.

But the majority of install methods, like the crocheted method and also the interlock method, will give you the mature locs look instantly.

On the contrary, Your natural dreads would not reach achieving this mature look for at least eight months. Some people can even take up two years depending on your hair texture. So getting loc extensions is awesome!

-3. You can wash your hair whenever you want

Now, this is the reason you didn’t really think about it: you can wash your hair whenever you want to.

So I assume you know that locs journey has 5 stages. Then you must have heard that when you are in the starter loc phase, better wait to wash your locs. Because you want your hair to start locking without unraveling.

I even heard some people wait two months to wash their hair. But with loc extensions, you would have that a bit weigh you down so you don’t have to worry about water to sweat messing up your locs .

Even though with every twist, your lock and your roots will be puffy, the main part of the locs won’t be messed up like how it would. So if you have started locs, that is definitely a good reason to think about getting locs extensions.

-4. Get your dreads dyed without hurting your natural hair

Yes, this part is to dye your hair. I’ve seen a lot of ppl want to bleach or dye your locs, but are afraid of hurting your hair. You wanna put color on your hair. And once the colors that grow out, you know, you’re not going to dye it again. Why not dye your loc extensions instead? Just dye your loc extensions. These ain’t your real hair. There is no need to worry about bleaching them and being overly processed. You have the freedom to choose the color you want in you hair. The permanent loss are made by real human hair, so they can perfect endure the styling.

-5. Keep your locs neat and solid

Another great reason is loc extensions help your hair not unravel and get frrizy. As I mentioned before, you lock extensions will weigh your hair down. Don’t get me wrong. They are very extremely lightweight. But as far as adding this little extra little weight on every loc, helps your hair stay confined in itself to loc into itself. Especially if you have starter locs, that’s where you have to worry about your roots unraveling in sleep, movement, and wash. Loc extensions get you the mature look and it’s also helping your natural hair combine easier as well.

-6. The least effort on maintenance

The last benefit loc extensions had is they need the least efforts to do the maintenance. Every day you just wake up and if you are too lazy for some special hairstyles, just put some spray on them and while the spray falls off on your hair, use your hands to fluff them, and that’s it!

I know lots of you may have heard you should experience the loc journey by yourself. But it’s your hair and your look. You have all the reasons to experience a better and easier journey. And if you don’t like them, you can always remove them easily. But still, loc extensions are an investment, so better make sure it’s the right choice for you.

I hope this blog is helpful on why you should get extensions. Please share your loc journey with us and what you think about loc extensions.

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