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LOC Extensions Are Stiff? Here are 5 Tips for You


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I saw lots of people asking about why their permanent human hair loc extensions are so stiff. This caused insecure wondering to have their extensions off. The first thing you should burry in mind is that It’s normal for permanent loc extensions to be stiff.

The fact is that the permanent loc extension made of human hair indeed is still being forced to be a certain way, which is constructed with a crochet needle. It’s normal for your loc extensions to be a little stiff in the beginning. Here we find some reasons of why they being stiff and some tips to soften the loc extensions for you.


1. How were your loc extensions be done

Number 1 is the most critical part. You need to pay attention to how was your loc extension constructed: was it formed with a crochet needle? Did they sew it together? All these factors play a role, so make sure that you go along with someone to do your hair that is using a crochet method, and not using thread. because thread is not good for the lock extension.cause over a period of time, all is going to do is just keep breaking and Creek dripping in that spot or wherever. That they had sold it.

2. Loc Extension size

It also depends on the size of your lock extensions. If you have micro size(0.2cm) locs. Then obviously your hair might not even be as stiff as someone that has regular-size(0.6-0.8cm) permanent loc extensions. You might not be able to tell the hair is stiff. So just keep that in mind, stiffness depends on the loc size.

loc size chart 0.4-0.8cm -loxlocs

3. Loc Length

Depending on how short or long your hair is, your hair will also pose in a certain way.

If someone only has six inches of locs extensions, they’re less flexible than someone who has 10 inches of hair. This difference may result in your loc extensions being stiffer for a longer period of time if your hair is shorter. If you’re applying 8 inches permanent loc extensions onto your 6 inches hair, that means most of your hair is permanent loc extensions, so your hair is going to be stiff.

4. Which attaching method was used

Another factor that plays a role in this is how your loc extensions are styled. There are different variations on how loc extensions can be installed. For example, if your loc extensions were added onto another loc, they won’t be stiff for a very long time.

But if your hair wasn’t fully loc’d and they just attached the loc onto your natural hair without locking your natural hair first, that’s another reason why you may experience stiffness because the point between your hair and the extension hasn’t solid combined yet. Then all the hair would do is just flapping back and forth with no movement, no bending.

5. How long did you have your lock extensions?

A lot of people only had their loc extensions installed for a month or even less. They say their extensions are stiff so they are worried about it.

But did you wash your hair after getting them? The number one thing is you have to wash your hair to help loosen the stiffness and also relax your extensions.

You need to be patient about the procedures. The softening is not going to happen overnight. My loc extension was stiff too when I first got mine done. But after I wash my hair about two times, it kind of got its flexibility. The length of your permanent lock extension defines how stiff is going to be too.

So just make sure that you do your research prior to getting permanent loc extensions because at the end of the day, they are permanent and you want to make sure that you are in the right hands.

Check Shanese Danae for the these tips about loc extensions stiff on Youtube.

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