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How to Remove Lint From Locs? 4 Great Tips for You


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Extra fibers on your locs? Maybe that’s lint. How to remove lint from locs? Here we find 4 tips for you.

What does lint look like?


What causes lint in locs

Lint is super common. They might be any kind of fibers that comes from clothes, hats, or scarves… Those types of things. You will usually find them in the back area of your locs. You know the lock set will sit on your clothes, covered by your hat or scarf. Lint usually is cotton or polyester, and the fibers going to coil around your hair and interwined. If you are a pet lover, and the hair of them all over your room. The chance is bigger for you to have extra fibers on your locs. So how should we get rid of it? There are some tips below you could try with.

How to remove lint from locs?

I bet some of you were thinking of using ACV to detox your dreads. But ACV is not going to take care of lint. Because Apple cider vinegar actually has a PH that is a little bit lower actually than your hair. So what really does is apple cider closes the cuticle, and seals the hair; so it may make your lint problem a lot worse. Although Apple cider vinegar is perfect for breaking up things like product build-up. ( If you wanna deal with build-up with ACV detox/ deep cleansing, here is the guide link) You have to understand that lint is not like product build-up. They are not going to dissolve.

So, is there anything that you could do? Here are the 5 ways that you can deal with the lint in your locs.

1 – Dying locs to cover lint

Definitely consider dying your locks. You can die on just the color of your hair to cover up the lint. This is the easiest and fastest solution to remove the lint from locs. You can only do the spots dye of your locs instead of the whole head. But if that’s not something you’re interested in. The second suggestion is loc brushing.

2 – To remove lint from locs with loc brushing+ twizzer

If your locs are mature which means they are beyond the teenage phase. So generally, if you had them for at least 9 months to a year. You could totally try loc brushing. That really helps to get out the lint before it gets embedded in your locks.

remove-lint-from-locs-by brushing-them

First, you’ll need a pair of tweezers. Pointy, regular, and a tail comb. You’ll also need a toothbrush and a hard-bristled brush for removing lint.

Add some water to dampen your hair. Take each lock individually, and brush it with a toothbrush.

First, you’ll need a pair of tweezers. Pointy, regular, and a tail comb. You’ll also need a toothbrush and a hard-bristled brush for removing lint.

Add some water to dampen your hair. Take each lock individually, and brush it with a toothbrush.

The toothbrush is soft, brush your loc two times to brush out fibers from locs that do not embed too badly.

The other step is brushing them with a hard bristled brush afterward. Just brush them in sections.

you can see a lot of these lint comes out from them. So what you are going to do is use a tweezer to pull the lint out or draw it out. So it’ll be easier to brush off.

The soft toothbrush might not seem doing too much. But if you do regular brushing, it can be proactive.You want to be really, really proactive like every week. Every other week, make sure there’s no lint accumulating in your hair. The toothbrush is smaller than a regular brush so more angles can be take care of. Please don’t keep picking at your lock because you will weaken it and it’ll be thin, it may break off .so. If you can’t give out easily with tweezers.

Loc brushing is a great option to get out lint that may have just got in there. But you will always want to be proactive when it comes to lint.

3 – Get rid of lint by trimming them

The next great solution is not usually something that people like to hear is you can cut your hair, I mean trim them.

Lint, especially some with little buildup is something that accumulates. Especially in that back row that’s why I recommend trimming them. Lint rubs on everything on you. Coat, blanket, hats. Everything. So, in that back row if you’re not really careful. they give accumulated level lint. Do the undercut is the super key. You could just trim off the part that’s like really excessively full of buildup.

Be more mindful be proactive with making sure it doesn’t accumulate lint going forward. If you’re not comfortable with the trimmer cutting, then maybe that option is not for you, but for some people so you can cut your locks to remove lint from locs. But you don’t want to do it like trying to cut along this outside part of your hair to try to get out lint. Don’t cut it off completely or not at all, just trimming the lint out.

4- To remove lint from locs by using Velcro

We were talking about lint and that is to use Velcro. Cotton and fiber things are attracted to Velcro. That’s why you see all the Velcro has all that lint stuck in it. So you can use some Velcro on your locs too. You can get that lint that’s really deep down in your lock, trying to pull it out so.

Here are the 4 ways that you can deal with lint:

1.You can dye her hair, just use a semi-permanent product to color your hair.

2.You can do lock brushing if your locs are mature and use tweezers but you don’t want to dig in your lock.

3.You can trim your locs, especially in back row.

4.If it is on the surface of the loc, get it out with tweezers and using Velcro, by far the easiest way.

I know these tips may be heard easier said than done. but please always be proactive if you don’t want to let things accumulate. I hope this was helpful.

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