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How to Start Wicks Hair Step by Step


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Hi! I’m so excited that you want to start your own wick dreads! It’s a really fun process, and it’s really rewarding to have all of your hair in one place.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to start wick dreads. Hope this blog can lead you in.

STEP 1 Parting the hair


So, the first thing you need to do is to decide how many hair wicks you want. Let’s say if you wanna 9 wicks. Then it is important to divide your hair into 9 sections in order. Part your hair, grab the section hair comb it, and put a rubber band on it, and you could just go from section to section. Hold one hair section, and take your crochet tool, you could use 1 or 2 or 3 needles; if your hair is thick, recommend to crochet your hair with 2 needles crochet.

Step2 crochet method

Then insert the needle into the section roots, do a little twist and pull it out; then twist the root a little bit, insert the needle from a different angle, and do a little twist and pull it out. Pulling the section hair altogether all around. Repeat this procedure, that’s the key to locking your hair.

first, you need to tighten the roots of the wick and then slightly turn it up. Once done, hold it in place and squeeze it. After shaping your wick, you could use a crochet needle to tighten it more with the squeeze, in and out rotate technic.

Wick Dreads Style


Tips: When you use the crocheting method to form it, no need to involve any gel or wax, cause that will only leave buildups and have your wicks grow mold.

When it comes to the direction of loc, Please don’t pull the hooks towards the scalp so the knots are formed towards the scalp to prevent traction alopecia.

Step3 form your wicks

When you pull out the needle, twist the root a little bit. The more you go in and out of this section, the more tightly it will get. While you create wicks, always hold your hands on them, and squeeze them. Because when you squeeze it, it helps the wick form more tightly.

As a wick starter, you want to give your wick baby some time to grow. So don’t tighten your wicks too much. Just form your roots and let the end of wick’s hair form his own. Give it time to grow at least every 3 months. Your wicks need to be trimmed or shaped every 3 months in order for them to look their best. This can be done regularly with a small trim, and you don’t need to wait until your wicks grow out a lot before touching them up. If you don’t want wait that long, contact us, we can customize human wicks hair extensions for you.

wicks hair loc extensions

Make sure the all wicks are not pointing downwards. So when they grow out, it will be easier to shape the hair of each section. This is basically the common thing of starting everything locking and getting its shape.

wicks hair locs extensions

When you’re done, try not to wash your hair for two days, as this will cause your natural oils to dry up and leave your hair brittle and frizzy.

Remember that, everytime after wash your hair, please make sure your dreads is completely dry to avoid mold inside of them. Wicks are thick, so they need more time to getting dry.

Here is the blog about preventing mold on locs, incase you are interested. More maintanence blog you could check on blog page.

I hope this blog helps you on how to start wicks hair, leave your experience or thoughts on wicks if you are willing to share with us!

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