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Loc Extensions Size Chart

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Loc extensions size chart for your information.

As a professional loc extensions factory, we do have plenty of sizes for you to choose from if you are looking for extensions. Loc ratio plays an important part in attaching loc extensions to your own loc, if the ratio doesn’t match, it might easily cause breakage on the joinpoint.

In this loc extensions size chart, we will show you the size and handmade technic of our locs.

Loc Size Chart

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All Loxlocs®locs are handmade with 100% human hair. Slight inconsistencies in width may occur, especially for long-length micro-locs. It is an inherent property of being handmade, but it also means the style will last much longer and be much closer to your own locs.

Micro locs (0.2 cm)

Micro loc extensions 0.2cm-loxlocs

Micro locs are a great choice for people who want locs without investing too much time and effort. Micro locs are small, cylindrical locs with a diameter around 0.2cm. They look like Sisterlocks and can give you a fuller, elegant look. For micro loc-sized dreadlocks, it is best to start with 200 locs at least.

Our micro locs are handmade with 100% human hair by palm rolling technic.

Small locs 0.4 cm

loc size chart 0.4-0.8cm -loxlocs

Small locs are another common size of locs that many people might choose to get. The styles you can do with them are also a lot. Size is important to take into consideration when choosing locs. Smaller locs are easier to combine for large or medium locs if you want a larger style.

They are handmade with 100% human hair by crochet technic. For small locs, you can have 100-200 locs full head.

Traditional Medium loc 0.6 cm 0.8cm 1.0cm

Medium-sized locs are a very common loc size to see on locs and that is for a good reason – they’re easy to maintain. Even with this lower count, the style still has plenty of versatility to it. Normally they will be about the size of a pencil, and thick ones will be about the size of a sharpie marker.

Traditional locs are handmade with 100% human hair by crochet technic. For medium locs, you can have 60-100 locs full head.

Human Hair Locs Extensions - Tips Ombre - Color #T1B/30

Large loc 1.2 cm 1.5cm

For large locs, you can have less than 60 locs full head. People with thinner hair textures often use larger hair parts in order to create locs.

loc tip details-loxlocs
0.8cm locs
loxlocs-locs details

Jumbo Wick 3.0 cm 4.0cm

Locs in this range is luxurious. There is a lot of freedom, but some maintenance might still be needed.

If you are interested in how to start wicks, please check How to Start Wicks

If you are looking for dreads over 1.0cm/1.2cm/1.5cm and wicks hair, please feel free to contact us at for customized orders.

wicks hair loc extensions
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