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Crochet Hook / Needle


Set comes with a felt bag.

Crochet Hook / Needle

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Are your dreads needing some maintenance done? Need help tightening your dreads or pulling in those loose hairs?

Look no further; this is the perfect easy to use tool for correcting bumps in locs, reinserting loose hairs, attach extensions, broken locs and repair weak spots.

These dreadlock elastics are amazing for dreads as they are strong and actually support your hair. Great for updo’s, dread buns, ponytails, end of a plait and whatever other hairstyles you can dream up.

Just starting, get used to using the tool with the single hook.

The double needle reducing the amount of time it takes to use work the locs.
Double Tool = Half the Time

The triple needle reducing the amount of time it takes to use work the locs.
Trple Tool = 1/3 the Time

Custom designed for dreadlocks maintenance and crochet dreads
Soft touch handle, made with bamboo

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1 Grochet Hook, 2 Grochet Hooks, 3 Grochet Hooks, Set


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