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Platinum Blonde Dreads Extensions -Color #613



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Platinum Blonde Dreads Extensions -Color #613


  • ♥Platinum Blonde Dreads Extensions; Hair Material: Made of 100% Afro Kinky human hair.
  • ♥Thickness:0.4cm/0.6cm /0.8 cm
  • ♥Advantage: 100% Hand-made and 100% Human  Permanent Hair, Natural. Passed Burning and Dyeing Test Successfully. The platinum blonde dreads extensions are the lightness color you could find on the market, color 613 is sun kissed blonde with a golden yellow undertone. 
  • ♥ How many locs will I need? This depends on the size of your locs. Check the Loc size chart for quantity suggestions.
  • ♥ Feature: These Dreadlock Extensions are EASY to install, Soft, Light Weight, and Natural, They Can Be Dyed, Curled, and styled.



loc extensions human hairloc extensions human hairhuman hair dreadlockshuman hair dreadlock extensions human hairafro kinkys bulk human hair
0.2cm Thickness0.4cm Thickness0.6cm Thickness0.8cm ThicknessAfro Kinky Human Hair
100% Human Hair
Full Handmade
Bleach and dye
MethodPalm rollingCrochetCrochetCrochetRaw Hair

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Additional information

Loc Size

0.4 cm, 0.6 cm, 0.8 cm

Loc Length

8 Inches, 10 Inches, 12 Inches, 14 Inches, 16 Inches, 18 Inches, 20 Inches


10 Locs/bundle, 30 Locs/bundle, 50 Locs/bundle

7 reviews for Platinum Blonde Dreads Extensions -Color #613

  1. Brian Anderson (verified owner)

    great acquisition
    Excellent customer service, fantastic shipping, and fantastic product. I uploaded a photo of my locs, and I received the exact size I requested. I’m ecstatic with my buy!

    loc-size: 0.8 cm, loc-length: 18 Inches, bundle: 10 Locs/bundle x 1
  2. Timothy Wright (verified owner)

    Absolutely ideal for repairing my hair. Will undoubtedly purchase more! thanks!!!

    loc-size: 0.6 cm, loc-length: 10 Inches, bundle: 10 Locs/bundle x 1
  3. Lisa Richardson (verified owner)

    The hair was excellent. They look perfect with my locs! I’m delighted I came back after having previously purchased! amazing caliber 🎯

    loc-size: 0.4 cm, loc-length: 20 Inches, bundle: 10 Locs/bundle x 1
  4. Stephanie Bentley (verified owner)

    I’m grateful. They are excellent, and delivery was quick.

    loc-size: 0.8 cm, loc-length: 20 Inches, bundle: 10 Locs/bundle x 1
  5. Ross Hart (verified owner)

    My locs arrived, and they are perfect beyond my wildest dreams. The ideal length and size.

    loc-size: 0.4 cm, loc-length: 14 Inches, bundle: 10 Locs/bundle x 1
  6. David Lewis (verified owner)

    The hair arrived full, and after having my current locs undercut, it was simple to place (hence the reason for needing the extensions.
    I wholeheartedly urge everyone who has already or plans to loc their hair to use them. 💕

    loc-size: 0.4 cm, loc-length: 12 Inches, bundle: 50 Locs/bundle x 1
  7. Gina Potter (verified owner)

    They appear so natural that you cannot distinguish them from extensions.
    You can tell they were handmade and real human hair was utilized. They are the most realistic loc extensions she has ever seen, according to my hairdresser, who was quite delighted with the quality. And once they have been placed and styled, they appear even more gorgeous.

    loc-size: 0.6 cm, loc-length: 20 Inches, bundle: 50 Locs/bundle x 1
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