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The Best Trending Wicks Hair Styles in 2022


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What is Wicks Hair?

The wicks hairstyle is a new trend in hair styling. It is a modern take on the classic quiff and pompadour hairstyles.

A lot of men are opting for this style because it looks good with any kind of beard or no beard at all. It also works well for all sorts of hair lengths and textures.

The wicks hair has been popularized by the African American community. Wick dreads are the thickest type of dreadlocks.

Wicks are the new wave of dreadlocks. This hairstyle has become a favorite amongst fashionistas. Wicks are easier to maintain than traditional dreads and they look cleaner because the twists are more uniform.

Where Did Wick Dreads Originate? And Why It’s Trending?

Wicks originated in South Florida, it was popular with African-Americans. They’ve been especially prevalent in the punk and hip hop scenes, as well as subgenres of Florida. Wicks Hair has been popularized by celebrities in recent years, so people catching on really quick and began to imitate the style.

Kodak Black with Wicks Hair Style

Some Trending Wicks Hair Style in 2022

Different than Congos or normal dreads; wicks are thick with smooth round ends and a cylindrical look. The width of each wick can goes up to 4-5cm.

Here are some awesome trending wicks hair styles in 2022 that you could reference.

-Hightop Wicks

high top wicks dreads are a type of hairstyle where sections of hair only located at the top half of your head are wicked. Then follow up with a full cut except for at the top part of your head.

-Highlight wicks

Highlights one or two wicks to add dimension of your haistyles. A simple change can make you look and feel more confident. The right hairstyle can also help you find your style.

-Goddess Wick Dreads

If you have dreads and are looking for a way to make them look slick, try wrapping them in a goddess style. Wicks can also be curled to get a goddess look!
It will take some practice to master this technique, but the end result is worth the effort!

-Ombre Wicks

Colored Ombre wicks is a hairstyle that can capture your eyes from the first sight.

The ombre effect is achieved by gradually blending one color into another color, in order to create a beautiful contrast.

-Blossom Wicks Hair

This is the hairstyle for volume hair, your hair will be fluffy and boosted.

-Branch Wicks

Clear zones are important because they help locate your scalp with the branch wicks. The branches can stick out like firm branches.

-Ponytail Wicks Hair

Updo ponytail your wicks, you could also have your hair colored in any shade of the rainbow, and you can experiment with different colors on different lengths of your hair.

-Pineapple Wicks

Use a rubber band to combine your wick dreads into a pineapple shape.

-Hightop Tips Wicks

You could crochet some colors into you wick tips to pop you out of the crowd.

How to start Wicks Hair?

You could start you wicks hair by using crochet method or rubber band and of course wick extensions.

Rubber Band Method:

First, separate your hair into sections and tie them up with a rubber band.

Then, put an elastic around one section of hair and wrap it around the base of the dreadlock like you are tying it in a knot.

Repeat this process for each section of hair until all of your hair is in knots.

Wick extensions: please email us to order:)

Hope this blog gives you the idea of lately trending wicks hair, leave your comments below to share your hairstyles with us.

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