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What are Those White Dots on Locs? and how to get rid of them


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What are the white dots on locs?

The little white specs, really stand out on your dark hair. If someone gets extremely close to you and they’re looking very closely at your hair, they could incorrectly assume that your hair is dirty, or that you have dandruff or flakes all over your hair.

When that’s just not the case, even though we regularly wash our hair and keep it clean. These annoying little white dots can show up and by the way, it doesn’t matter if you have large log small locks sister locks.

Even though we regularly wash our hair and keep it clean, it can still get these annoying little white dots. And it doesn’t matter if you have long or short locks, sister locks, or any other type. These little white specs can show up in your locks, regardless of the size. What are these white dots?

These kinds of white dots are called white bulbs, and they come from your roots. The color of them depends on the color of your scalp. Some people with lighter-colored hair have dots that are more noticeable than others.


What are the white dots on locs mean?

Everyone would have hair shedding. Around 50-100 hairs leave your scalp every day. If your hair is loosened up, you may find shed hair everywhere. It falls in the shower, falls on the floor, falls in your bed when you’re sleeping, and you get it out of your hair constantly.

Since we have locks, shed hair has been locked up instead of released from the loc. Our hair sheds and then gets trapped inside of the locs. So basically, that’s what happens. That’s why a lot of us have these bulbs in our hair. So when a hair follicle releases the strand of hair, that strand still has the bulb attached to it.

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What To Do Next If You Have White Dots On Locs

I’ve heard of some people trying to snip them off. Personally, I don’t like the idea of sniping anything off my locks inevitably. I’m sure that that would weaken the structure of my locks, causing thinning and breakage.

The solution I recommend to get rid of these dots is You can try brushing them out, but that will take a long time. The only time I brush sheds is when I wash my hair. Or you can try dying your hair which I wish you could do further research it first. Dying your locs need chemical and will also affect the healthiness of your locs.

As for me, I learned to see it as part of the natural growth process. Everybody’s hair sheds. You can’t stop it from happening. It is just naturalist. What would you do with these kinds of white dots on locs? Share your way with us!

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